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Seasoned Logs

Log Fuel Storage

Special Editions

MEDIUM CALORIFIC VALUE LOGS - this category is great for stove and open fire users. It consists mainly of a mixture of fruit woods - apple, cherry, some sycamore and birch, willow and spruce.

HIGH CALORIFIC VALUE LOGS - this is a mix of oak, ash and beech. The three compliment each other and provide a super mix for solid fuel heating, stoves and open fires alike.

SPRINT FUEL LOGS - these are mainly pine family logs, traditionally used to create kindling. They are great for producing a hot fire fast, and a nice red hot base for a longer lasting fire. They also work well at reviving a slow-burn.

KINDLING STICKS - At £4 a large net bag, these dry pinewood resinous sticks will get your fires off to a blazing start!!

Key Benefits
Various log storage options.

Log stores can be built to suit individual requirements - from smaller shelters by the back door, to larger free-standing versions for more long term storage.

Key Benefits
Wood, trunks, branches have such a huge variety of shapes and patterns , that they can be used for great effect, indoors and outdoors !!

We have been asked for sticks for use within steel foundries, ash rods for straw bale buildings, wood mushroom shapes for school playgrounds, wood for turning, logs for fire walking!!

Where there are specific requests, we are happy to help!!

These are some of the products that are generally available in our wood yard, or upon request:-
Medium Calorific Value Logs
High Calorific Value Logs
Sprint Fuel Logs
Wood chips
Wood Ornaments

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per m³
from £10
Price (per m³)

Pricing (+5% VAT)
  • Dry logs provide 300% more efficient energy than 'green' (freshly cut) logs.
  • Unseasoned logs produce tar and creosote products and steam and the possibility of a chimney fire !! Check logs that hiss and bubble - they may spell trouble !!
  • Dry logs are carbon neutral, eco-friendly and with certain stove designs, smoke free !! Check logs for weight (should be lighter), cracks (radiating from the centre) and loose bark - this indicates the ideal moisture level of around 20%.
  • Open sides and frontage, allow air to circulate freely.
  • Covered, slanting roof allows rain to drain away from dry area.
  • Look attractive - especially full of stacked logs !!
  • Large trunk rings (for garden seats, drinks tables, children's stools)
  • Log candles ( for outdoor evenings, in a fireplace, seasonal decoration)
  • Silver birch reindeer ( large for the garden, small for the hearth)
  • Log bird feeders ( small logs filled with fat and bird seed, for hanging)
  • Wood mushrooms, saddle stones (garden ornaments or kiddies' stools)
  • Wood chips (for weed suppression, mulch, play areas, horse training rings)
  • Large Yule Logs (for burning into the New Year)
  • Spalted beech blocks
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